Open Source SEBA technology is in Turkey via Türk Telekom

Open Source SEBA technology is in Turkey via Türk Telekom

Open Source SEBA technology is in Turkey via Türk Telekom
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Türk Telekom, together with its subsidiary Argela, carried out another project that will resonate throughout the world.

Türk Telekom, together with its subsidiary Argela, carried out another project that will resonate throughout the world. Türk Telekom has become the first company in the world to experience SEBA, which is developed on the international ONF platform and will provide strategic superiority in network technologies on the live field with internet, IPTV and voice services. SEBA, where high speeds are experienced in the access network, built on virtualization and developed on an open source platform and it aims to reduce foreign dependency and accelerate local production.

Türk Telekom, with its service understanding of "not only to a few, but to everyone", has become the first company in the World to implement a pioneer technology of strategic importance in network technologies in Turkey, developed with its subsidiary Argela. SEBA (Software Defined Network Enabled Broadband Access) on which Argela and its subsidiary Netsia which is located in the United States, has been working with Türk Telekom, has been launched after the tests carried out in two provinces of Turkey which took around a year where ongoing actual customer field tests and improvements are completed. And this way, Open Networking Foundation (ONF), an international organization joined by leading technology companies of Turkey and from Turket to which only Türk Telekom contributes, has realized a concrete output of their SEBA efforts.


With its software based cloud computing technologies, SEBA works on virtual servers of telecom operators and by reducing the cost of hardware infrastructure, it saves resources. SEBA, which started with the joint participation of the world's leading technology giants in areas such as architecture, coding and testing under the umbrella of ONF, it has been experienced in the field with a live customer for the first time in the world,with the developments of Netsia and Argela's teams within Türk Telekom.

We are increasing the opportunity for localization by including Open Source Platforms into the ecosystem for creating a local and national communication infrastructure.

Türk Telekom is proud to operate the SEBA platform on live site and its contribution to domestic product development using its know-how and experience gained from its work and active role in international organizations. Türk Telekom Chief Technology Officer Yusuf Kıraç emphasized that these efforts will provide agility and diversity for the services the operators will offer to their customers in the future and he added: "Thanks to software-based access platforms consisting of open and standard interfaces, we ensure that small but innovative as well as traditional developers are included in the ecosystem. We see this development as a very important opportunity for domestic developers to be among these suppliers and even export the products they will develop. While we continue our existing investments on fiber, we also contribute to the development of new generation fiber technologies."

Yusuf Kıraç stated that they achieved a first in the world by launching SEBA, which they developed within the ONF platform, with consumers on a live network in two provinces. Kıraç said, "Thanks to SEBA, the time to provide new services to end users will be shortened, and this will affect the user experience positively. We are excited and proud to use this new technology developed by our own engineers."

"We will continue to be the voice of Turkey in the international arena with local and national products"

Bülent Kaytaz, CEO, Argela said, "With the support of Türk Telekom, Argela and Netsia has become the industry leaders in the development of SEBA, which is believed to become a large market in the future and is offered open source via ONF. We support ONF's open source projects in areas such as architecture, coding, and testing, and we lead efforts with open participation. Together with our subsidiary Netsia, we are developing and productizing SEBA, by using state of the art technologies that can serve subscribers at speeds up to 10 gigabytes, on the exemplary platform architecture that ONF has put forward. Joining Türk Telekom in 2007, Argela continues to create value with R&D and innovation studies in the field of next generation telecommunications technologies and to crown them with patents by developing new ideas and products in 5G technologies. We will continue to be the voice of Turkey with local and national products in the international arena."

Open Source SEBA technology is in Turkey via Türk Telekom

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