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SYRİA 29.11.2016
Country For Syria
Country For Syria
SYRİA 18.11.2016
Turkey Extends Military Mandate İn Syria, Iraq Turkey's parliament passed a motion on Saturday to extend a mandate that allows military action against terror organizations in neighboring Syria and Iraq for one more year.SYRİA 14.10.2016
Aleppo Airstrikes War Crimes' The Arab League has called on the international community to intervene to stop bloodshed in northern Syria’s Aleppo city.SYRİA 14.10.2016
Turkish Military Hits Dozens Of Daesh Targets İn Syria Turkish military hit dozens of Daesh targets as part of its ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield in northern Syria Sunday, according to a military source on Monday.SYRİA 14.10.2016
Russian, Turkish Presidents' Telephone Call The presidents of Turkey and Russia discussed bilateral relations, the war in Syria and energy projects in a recent telephone call, a source in a Turkish presidential source said Wednesday.SYRİA 14.10.2016
Turkey Strikes Daesh Targets İn Northern Syria The Turkish army hit at least 49 Daesh targets in northern Syria early Friday as part of the ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield, military said.SYRİA 14.10.2016
Turkish Relief Foundation Sends 29 Ambulances To Syria Turkey's Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) sent 29 ambulances to aid civil war-torn Syria on Thursday.SYRİA 14.10.2016
Analiz - Centcom Kendi Savaşını mı Sürdürüyor? Mütercim: Ömer Çolakoğlu [1] Joint Statement on Syria, European Union External Action Service.SYRİA 29.9.2016
Turkey, Russia İn Deal Over Syrian Airspace Turkey and Russia have been discussing the creation of a protocol to coordinate the flights of their warplanes over Syrian airspace in a bid to prevent unwanted incidents like the downing of a Russian jet by Turkish Air Forces on Nov. 24, 2015, a senior Turkish military source ...SYRİA 23.9.2016
China Wants To Take Part İn The Syrian Conflict Chinese military officials had talks with Syrian and Russian counterparts in Damascus earlier this week, according to the Chinese daily The Global Times.Rear Admiral Guan Youfei, director of the Office for International Military Cooperation of China's Central Military ...SYRİA 19.8.2016
Major Who Notified İntel Agency About Coup Attempt Suspended H.A., who was working in the Army Aviation Command, was reportedly among the names who had contacts with the MİT due to his involvement in special forces operations and developments in Syria.SYRİA 6.8.2016
Dünya Mülteciler Günü Konuşmaların ardından, Country for Syria adlı müzik grubu, konser verdi.SYRİA 20.6.2016
Journalist Dündar Escapes Armed Attack İn Istanbul's Courthouse (2) Cumhuriyet journalist Can Dündar has escaped unharmed from an armed attack in front of the Istanbul Çağlayan courthouse following the fourth hearing of a case due to stories published about Turkish intelligence trucks bound for Syria with hidden weapons in early 2014.The ...SYRİA 6.5.2016
Turks, Saudis Eye Deeper Ties With King Salman's Visit Another top issue will be the ongoing unrest in Syria, as both sides share a similar line that requires the toppling of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.SYRİA 11.4.2016