Dünya Mülteciler Günü Konuşmaların ardından, Country for Syria adlı müzik grubu, konser verdi.SYRİA 20.06.2016
Journalist Dündar Escapes Armed Attack İn Istanbul's Courthouse (2) Cumhuriyet journalist Can Dündar has escaped unharmed from an armed attack in front of the Istanbul Çağlayan courthouse following the fourth hearing of a case due to stories published about Turkish intelligence trucks bound for Syria with hidden weapons in early 2014.The ...SYRİA 06.05.2016
Turks, Saudis Eye Deeper Ties With King Salman's Visit Another top issue will be the ongoing unrest in Syria, as both sides share a similar line that requires the toppling of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.SYRİA 11.04.2016
İstanbul'da Demokrasi Nöbeti
Istanbul Suicide Bomber 'Known But Not Tracked' Photo in intel archives Sources also added that the attacker's image was in the photo archive of the MİT and the security directorate despite his lack of a criminal record, as the archive includes pictures taken during passport controls. As Öztürk travelled back and forth ...SYRİA 23.03.2016
Ipı Urges "Abuse Of Criminal Defamation Laws" To Silence Criticism İn Turkey The further statement of the IPI was as follows: "Turkey's Constitution explicitly recognises the rights of press freedom and free expression. Turkey is also a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights, which similarly recognises those rights. However, in ...SYRİA 22.03.2016
Eu Chapter On Judiciary And Fundamental Rights Should Be Opened: Ikv One month left to fulfill criteria for visa-free travel The proposals that were put forward by Prime Minister Davutoğlu on March 7 focused on the resettlement of a Syrian from Turkey in EU member states for each Syrian taken from Greek islands.SYRİA 21.03.2016
Bulgaria, Greece İn Action To Lure Russian Tourists Greece has started granting three-year visas for Russian tourists with a single-day procedure, as Bulgaria has lowered its visa fees. Last year, some 3.5 million Russian tourists visited Turkey, where they enjoyed visa-free travel. Many of them chose "all-inclusive" ...SYRİA 20.03.2016
Istanbul Bomber İdentified As Suspected Is Member Öztürk's father reportedly said that the man in video footage of the attack looked like his son who had long been thought to be missing in Syria but was recently reported to be in Istanbul.SYRİA 20.03.2016
Dna Sample Taken From Isıl Suspect's Father İn Istanbul Attack Probe According to allegations, Savaş. Y. was behind the bombings in Mersin and Adana, which injured three people, and fled to Syria after the attacks.SYRİA 20.03.2016
Turkey-Eu Proposal Likely To Be "Death Trap" For Refugees: Hrw "Resettlement not a substitute for right to seek asylum" The second issue treated by the HRW was concerns over the exchange of a refugee to be resettled from inside Turkey for each Syrian asylum seeker returned from Greece to Turkey.SYRİA 15.03.2016
NATO Begins Periodic Surveillance Of Turkish Airspace "In line with the Syria crisis and developments taking place in the region and within the content of reassurance measures for Turkey, a NATO AWACS plane has begun conducting [surveillance] duty in Turkish airspace from March 12 to March 15," the General Staff said in a ...SYRİA 13.03.2016
Rockets From Syria Hit Turkish Border City A rocket fired from Syria hit the garden of a gendarmerie dormitory in Turkey's Kilis on March 12 as another hit a spot near a court building in the southeastern border province.The rocket that fell to the garden did not explode but caused damage on a building. Security forces ...SYRİA 13.03.2016
Turkey-Fbı "Cooperation" Secured Guilty Verdict Against American Is Member "On January 10, 2015, the defendant traveled from Egypt to Turkey in an effort to cross the border into Syria to join ISIL to engage in violent 'jihad'.SYRİA 10.03.2016
Council Of Europe 'Concerned' About Media Restrictions İn Turkey Underscoring what it called "the erosion" of the rule of law in Turkey as worrying, the committee also criticized the challenges the Constitutional Court has faced over one of its recent rulings that led to the release of two Turkish journalists who spent 92 days under ...SYRİA 10.03.2016
Top Court Points To Open Mistake İn Journalists' Arrest Dündar and Gül had been arrested pending trial on Nov. 26, 2015, with charges of espionage, threatening state security and supporting an armed terrorist organization due to stories published in Cumhuriyet about Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MİT) trucks which were ...SYRİA 10.03.2016
Turkish Citizens May Face Refusal Of Entry To Eu, Even İf Visa-free Travel İmposed: Ikv Ankara has asked for an extra three billion euros, as well as visa-free travel implemented by June 2016, during the crucial "migration summit" held in Brussels on March 7. While offering progress on accession talks with Turkey, the EU proposed to accept a Syrian refugee from ...SYRİA 09.03.2016
Amnesty Slams Eu-Turkey Deal As "Death Blow" To Asylum Seekers' Rights Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, President of the European Council Donald Tusk and President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker have shared a proposal that for every Syrian refugee returned to Turkey from Greece, a Syrian will be settled within the EU.SYRİA 08.03.2016
More Than 150,000 Syrian Babies Born İn Turkey: Deputy Pm More than 150,000 Syrian babies have been born in Turkey since Syria's crisis began, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Lütfi Elvan said on Feb. 29, underscoring the humanitarian burden incurred by Ankara during the conflict. Addressing the opening session of the United Nations Human ...SYRİA 29.02.2016
Release Of Turkish Journalists İnternationally Praised The release of two prominent Turkish journalists, who had been arrested and detained for months over a story on state-owned trucks allegedly carrying weapons to Syria, has been met with praise by the international community. "I was glad to hear the judgment of the Turkish ...SYRİA 26.02.2016
Turkish President's Office 'Closely Following' Case After Dündar And Gül's Release Dündar and Gül are accused of espionage, threatening state security, and supporting an armed terrorist organization over two stories published in Cumhuriyet about National Intelligence Agency (MİT) trucks allegedly filled with weapons and bound for Syria.SYRİA 26.02.2016
Saudi Warplanes Arrive At Turkey's İncirlik For Is Fight The F-15E jets resemble Russian SU-30 type aircraft that are currently deployed in Syria.SYRİA 26.02.2016